Leo Schofield: What will it take to free an innocent man?

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Leo’s Story

In 1989 Leo Schofield, having just been found guilty of the murder of his wife Michelle, told the jury, “You’re making a mistake… I’ll prove it to you.” That’s exactly what he has done. He has proven that he is innocent beyond any reasonable doubt. Yet the Polk county Florida state attorney’s office has stubbornly dug in their heels to hold on to their conviction. Now they are guilty of deliberately wrongfully incarcerating an innocent man. The work to find and expose the true murderer of Michelle is complete. What remains to be done is to encourage, motivate, and demand that Brian Haas, the elected state attorney in Polk county either do the ethical and right thing by dropping this conviction and admitting Leo’s full exoneration or send the case to a conviction integrity review unit in another county for an independent review. The facts are clear. They are well documented and all available here on this website for your review. I plead with you to take the steps to help Leo, as you would want to be done for you if this was your life. Thank you in advance.


Crissie Schofield.

A heartfelt message from Leo!

Hi. This is actually me, Leo, leaving a comment to say thank you to all of you who have listened to the podcast, signed the petition, offered prayers and good intentions, sent money, or simply believed in me and the truth of my innocence. I cannot even begin to tell you how much you all mean to me. It is very important to me that you know and feel my deepest gratitude. You continue to give me the greatest strength in dealing with this travesty of justice, but it’s really Michelle’s story that is most important to me. The truth of what happened to her is now known and she is worthy of the justice we are seeking, not just for me but for her and our families. All of you helped to change the narrative of this story and I want you to know it is right that you did so. Your belief and trust will NEVER be regretted, I promise!! I am truly and unequivocally innocent! So, with all my heart, I thank you!! May this new year be filled with the realization of all of our hopes and dreams!! Leo

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