Help Leo!

I am so often asked about what Leo needs, or what can be done to help him. This kind and thoughtful question is in itself probably far more valuable than I can explain. But, really, there are some things that he/we can use. Such as…

Listening to the podcast

Sign the petition

Send him letters of support

Send an email to me and I will forward to him. Email it to:

You can also register on

Send support letters to the FCOR

(Send to and I’ll include them in his parole packet)

Financial support

Although he gets “3 hots and a cot”, prison isn’t cheap. The food is terrible, hygiene supplies provided by the DOC are worse than pitiful, and the only small relief is to be able to go to the canteen. Visitation costs money for gas and food. (Each trip is minimum $60) Phone calls are $5/ 30 minutes. Stamps for emails are 44 cents each. It all adds up. He has no income and no way to make money, so all that he has is gifted to him by family and friends. If you want to help in this way, money can be sent with either…

cash app ($ cannotgiveup)

or venmo

(Leo Schofield. @carol-carterschofield )



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